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HGH 101

Human growth hormone (HGH) in one form or another is being sold on TV, radio, and on the internet. Consumers should be advised that all human growth hormone products are not created equal! Many products are bogus and completely worthless! This site can save you a great deal of time, money, and aggravation in your quest for a good human growth hormone product.

This web page is designed to be concise. It can be read from start to finish in less than 6 minutes. I feel it is 6 minutes well invested. I think you will too. Let's get started.

First you must understand that there are three types of human growth hormone products being sold.

"Raw" human growth hormone, human growth hormone enhancers, and "spray type" human growth hormone products.

"Raw" HGH (aka Somatropin) is literally a synthetic human growth hormone in an injectable form. You would need a doctor to prescribe it. It can have some potentially dangerous side effects. It's cost is also an incredible $1,000 per month or more.

The second type is a human growth hormone enhancer also known as a secretagogue. It is in pill or powder form, requires no prescription, and rarely if ever has any side effects. It costs anywhere from $30 to $200 per month depending on where you buy it. It works by supplementing the body with compounds known to cause the body to increase the manufacture of human growth hormone.

The third type is a human growth hormone spray. These are liquid products taken under the tongue or sprayed in the mouth or nose. There is no legitimate proof of effectiveness for these products and in my opinion they are a complete waste of money. There just is no way that HGH can be introduced into the body in this matter. It is impossible. More about this later.

Are the HGH enhancer products as effective as "raw" HGH injections?

No, most competent anti-aging physicians prescribe an injectable dose to bring HGH levels in the blood to 360 ng/ml. A good HGH enhancer will raise blood levels to 275 ng/ml. There are still tremendous benefits in taking a good oral HGH enhancer. Studies done on good HGH enhancers have shown to increase HGH levels in the body to the same level as they were in the subject 10 to 15 years before. In other words, an excellent HGH supplement can provide most of the benefits of the injectable form without the potential cost or side effects. Besides, only the wealthy could afford the injectable form anyway.

Is there a way to naturally increase HGH?

Yes! You can naturally increase your bodies production of HGH without supplementation. This is accomplished either by calorie restriction, fasting, and or rigorous and sustained exercise. None of these will cause your body to increase HGH production as much as taking a quality supplement product.

Are all HGH supplements created equal? Do they all work about the same?

No, their effectiveness varies widely. Paying the highest price will not guarantee you will get a good HGH product. This is the reason for building this web site. There are many HGH enhancer supplements on the market. Most, in my opinion, are a colossal waste of money. There are many different types of enhancers in a good HGH supplement. There are less enhancers in a bad HGH supplement. The dose of each enhancer in the supplement is important too. The best price I've found for an excellent HGH product will cost you around $50-60 per month.

Is HGH truly a medical breakthrough that can aid in reversing the aging process?

Yes, the scientific evidence is overwhelming in my opinion.

What benefits can I expect from taking a good HGH enhancer?

The results will vary from person to person. Generally, you will get the following results: increased strength, stamina and endurance, increased muscle growth and fat loss, improved sleeping, increase in libido and sexual stamina, hair regrowth and a lessening of gray hair, improved skin elasticity, stronger bones, increases in vision and hearing, lowering of blood pressure, increases in memory and cognitive abilities. In short, anything you could attribute to being younger.

Are there any people who should not take HGH enhancers?

In summary, oral HGH enhancers are likely very safe. Those with active cancers must inform their doctors before adding any supplement, especially any natural hormone or hormone enhancer. Those taking medications for thyroid dysfunction and diabetes must keep their doctors informed and carefully monitor their medication accordingly. It is possible that those with borderline hypothyroidism, hypocortisolemia, and even hypoglycemia may unmask or aggravate these conditions with HGH enhancements. Such possibilities only further emphasize that HGH enhancements are best approached as part of a total program of diet, exercise, antioxidant supplementation, and multiple hormone enhancement optimization.

What criteria should one utilize in determining the best human growth hormone enhancer for the money?

First, eliminate any and all manufacturers and distributors that do not list their products ingredients. These are the people selling hype by calling some product an "HGH" something or other. Sellers of good human growth hormone enhancers always lists their ingredients.

Secondly, eliminate any human growth hormone sprays. These are the products that are claimed to introduce HGH or IGF-1 through the mouth or nose. This is absolute nonsense. It is true that pharmaceutical companies have developed ways to partially absorb some drugs through the skin. But these are only small, non-protein molecules.

The HGH molecule also loses potency very rapidly when dissolved in solution. The molecule is folded and twisted on itself repeatedly. Activity in the body depends on fragile cross linkages between branches of this very large molecule, which hold it in an exact three-dimensional configuration. It works on cell receptors exactly like a key in a lock. Any change in shape blocks HGH activity, even if the chemical formula remains exactly the same. Those cross-linkages break very easily and become unstable soon after dissolving in solution. Only with refrigeration can biological activity be maintained for up to two weeks. That's how fragile the molecule is. How then could activity be maintained in a liquid spray?

Furthermore, a typical dose of an HGH spray is between 25 to 200 nanograms (parts per billion) taken three times per day. 25 nanograms is approximately 1/15,000ths of a dose deemed effective in raising hgh to any therapeutic level! In other words there isn't near enough HGH found in any spray form to have any effect even if it were able to be absorbed in the blood stream in the first place!

One must also be careful with statements made by HGH spray marketers advertising their product as "FDA approved". This does not mean the substance has been proven to increase HGH in the body. It only means the FDA has given approval for the product to be sold retail! This statement is in no way any proof of effectiveness!

If you have recently purchased a spray form HGH I would recommend you immediately return it for a refund. If you are past the period when you can do so, try returning it anyway citing that you were fraudently sold this product. Threaten to make the FDA aware of their outrageous claims. Many companies will then refund your money even if your money back guarantee has expired.

Next, search the products that are left to see if they contain Colostrum. Although Colostrum will not elevate HGH in the body it will offer far ranging benefits. These benefits essentially mimic the benefits of elevating HGH. Colostrum is reported to strengthen the immune system, improve muscle mass to body fat ratio, combat depression by elevating mood, rejuvinate skin and muscle tissue, support healthy joint and cartilage function, accelerate healing of injury or trauma and increase endurance and workload capacity. Colostrum is an expensive ingredient however therefore many inferior products oftem omit this wonderful substance.

Now, we need a good Amino Peptide Complex. Some amino acids have been demonstrated to naturally increase the body's production of HGH. A lot of the inexpensive and also not so inexpensive HGH enhancers on the market contain nothing more than various Amino acids. The best of all by far in my opinion in Glutamine. Some claim that Glutamine can elevate growth hormone levels by as much as 400%. This sounds a bit hard for me to believe but I have read studies demonstrating significant increases in HGH from glutamine supplementation.

Using the above thought process you should be able to eliminate about 75% of the hgh products on the market. To go further we need to know a little more about anti-aging medicine. Don't worry, I'll be brief.

Often anti-aging physicians will treat male patients with testosterone replacement therapy. Conversely, they will often treat women with estrogen replacement therapy. By doing so they will be able to biologically regress their age a few years back. This therapy is fast becoming mainstream medicine as it can actually improve liver, kidney, and heart function. When you improve these three organs you basically improve every area concerning health and vitality. In women it can be helpful with the symptoms of menopause and can also prevent even regress dreaded osteoporosis. When you increase testosterone levels in men you find an increase in virility, stamina, and muscle growth. By increasing testosterone levels in men and estrogen levels in women the aging process can be reversed. The benefits are wide spread and include all the possible advantages mentioned previously regarding the taking of an HGH enhancer.

There is a truly amazing herb know as Tribulus Terrestris. This herb increases testosterone in men and estrogen in women! In my opinion, anyone seriously interested in anti-aging supplementation should be taking this herb.

That's pretty much it. I promised you to be as brief as possible. If you stick with purchasing products that contain the ingredients outlined in this article I think you will be pleased at the benefits you can derive from human growth hormone augmentation. Presently, the best product for the money in my opinion is known as "Ultimate HGH". This product will cost you about $33 a month if you order 3 bottles at a time. Also when you order three bottles they will give you a full 90 day money back guarantee. If you do purchase "Ultimate HGH" I would appreciate an e-mail in a couple of months telling me how well it is working for you. My long term goal is to try to develop some sort of statistics as to what benefits people are seeing from the product. Good luck to you!

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